Traffic Titan Review and Bonuses.

By | February 26, 2018

10 Software Tools – Huge Commissions:
Traffic Titan Is A Fresh NEW Way To Look At Free Traffic, eCommerce & Affiliate Marketing

Hello and Thank you for checking my Traffic Titan Review and Bonuses Page.  I will walk you thru the System step by step and What it Will included. Plus I have gathered some cool bonuses when you pick this software bundle from Here.


Traffic Titan is a software & training package focused on traffic.

Titan lets affiliates and marketers get free targeted traffic from Google & YouTube…

Then turn that free traffic into ClickBank, JVZoo or Amazon affiliate programs – and also ecommerce sales.


The basic system

One of the most profitable traffic tactics is to target keywords on Google/YouTube, via PPC and SEO.

There are literally millions of keywords, across millions of niches – but how do you know which ones to target?

And once you’ve found the ideal niche and keyword, how do you actually rank for and monetize that keyword?

Here’s how Traffic Titan automates this system…

• STEP 1 – Browse our “Niche Money” database and pick from over 100 niches and download the 1000s of keywords for each

• STEP 2 – Search these keywords with our “Keyword Titan” software to find low-competition keywords on YouTube & Google

• STEP 3 – Choose from affiliate programs inside “Website2Image” – then export 5-10 images to make a “video slide file”

• STEP 4 – Import these images/slides into the “Image 2 Video” software to create your video review <– Free YouTube traffic

• STEP 5 – Also target the keyword with the “Titan WP Theme” with an article <– Free Google traffic

• PLUS – Choose an awesome domain name with our “Domainaveli” domain-name research tool <– search 100 names in 1 click!

• STEP 6 – Find even more traffic opportunities with our brand new “SitesDB” software tool (20 niches, 3,000 URLs – 18,000 traffic opportunities!)

• BONUS TOOLS- Find new product launches with our “Flip DB” tool & build your list with our “Auto Mailer” autoresponder

It’s the easiest way to get free traffic from Google & YouTube, and turn it into Amazon/ClickBank/JVZoo commissions!

In Fact,

There is a lot included within the package. So you have a wide choice of angles to choose, depending on your list:

• General IM / make money – Affiliate marketing is easy. Chris has made over $2 million as an affiliate, this is his entire tool suite to profit

• Affiliate marketing – affiliate marketing is the perfect business. Traffic Titan includes TEN software tools so anyone can profit as an affiliate.

• ClickBank/JVZoo/Amazon – the Niche Money tool is pre-loaded with over 100 of the top affiliate niches (for JVZoo/ClickBank & Amazon physical products)

• Google SEO Traffic – the system is all about getting free buyer traffic, by ranking quickly on Google/YouTube for super-profitable keywords

• YouTube SEO Traffic – we create videos with “Image2Video” and then rank them on Google/YouTube

• Any type of Traffic – the SitesDB tool is a database of 18,000 traffic opportunites for the top 20 ecom/affiliate niches

• Flippa traffic – the “FlipDB” tool is a database of 300 Flippa websites generating $200 to $20k/month

• Internet marketing product launches – the ProClub site lists all the new IM product launches

• Email marketing – we’re even including a self-hosted autoresponder software – and that’s just software #10!



Traffic Titan 3 Softwares

Along with PDF & video training, there are 10 software tools included in Traffic Titan front-end package.

The first four tools let you find affiliate programs to promote, and the final three let you promote them and get traffic…


1) Niche Money

Database of the top 100 niches, with over 1000 keywords for each niche. Choose your niche, and it will display all your competitors (PPC and SEO). Now rank these based on relevance (how similar they are to your offer), and export your competitors top keywords


2) Keyword Titan

Keyword research tool. View $ value of keyword, total searches, CPC, PPC competitiveness & SEO competitiveness


3) Website2Image

This tool creates “campaigns” you can import into Image2Video (tool #4) to create videos.

The software is pre-loaded with the top 100 CB & JVZoo offers, which have paid millions in affiliate commissions.

Choose one and the sales letter is displayed as an image. Now click and drag to select parts of the sales letter to export.

Finally click to export this “affiliate campaign file” into Image2Video, which is up next…


5) Image2Video (Video Creator)

Desktop-based (Adobe Air – PC/Mac) video creation software, to create slide-based videos in just a few clicks.

Start by importing a series of image, and a voice over (or choose from 10 royalty-free music), then click next.

Each imager is now presented as a slide, and you just click to set the timing for each slide.

You can also import campaigns from the Website2Image tool (see above) to create an instant affiliate video!

Edit settings (add mp3 audio, change background and font), insert slides (text/image/video), etc.



5) Domainaveli

Awesome web-based domain research tool – simply enter a keyword to find the best domain names.

Try the “suggest” button to generate possible names, and choose from over 30 different TLDs.

All domains are ranked automatically by our proprietary domain valuation, instantly presenting the shortest, most keyword-rich names.

Once you’ve found the perfect name, register it, then it’s time to install our premium WP theme (discussed next)…



6) DoneForYou WP Theme

A WordPress theme focused purely on free traffic. Super-fast install, and ready to go “out the box”.

Focused on monetization… yet 100% compliant for Google SEO traffic.


7) SitesDB

This tool is a database of 3,000 websites across 20 ecom/affiliate niches – totalling over 10,000 individual traffic opportunities!

For each of the 20 niches, we searched 20-50 keywords and stored the top ranking PPC/SEO sites on Google (with the age of the domain, number of backlinks, Alexa rank, thumbnail preview & more).

Finally, we scanned each site for various traffic opportunities, such as:

• Is the site collecting leads? JV opportunity…
• Does the site have Google Adsense? If sense you can run media ads
• Does the site have its own advertising program? An opportunity for ultra-targeted cheap traffic
• Does the site have a Facebook or Twitter presence? You can reach out for a blast or target the interest with FB ads
• What is the Whois email for the site? You can always reach out to them directly with just a quick click
• Does the site have an RSS feed? If so it suggests content (possible backlink opportunites)

Finally, save the site to your own personal list of sites and then target the traffic opportunities with our training…


8) FlipDB

Another database of sites – this time of over 300 websites from

Firstly, we took 360 of the most profitable Flippa sites, all earning $200-20k per month.

Then we scanned them for possible JV & traffic opportunities…

Do they have an affiliate program? A Facebook or twitter page? Are they getting lots of PPC & SEO traffic?

It’s all here in Flip DB…


9) ProClub

A collection of all the new product launches in the Internet marketing niche.

Search & view product price, filter by JV prize, commission.. even low Google & YouTube SEO competition.

Hover to preview the JV page, one click access to the affiliate request/link..

And view email updates from the JV email list – updated hourly!

10) AutoMailer

Send Unlimited Emails To Unlimited Lists With Our AutoMailer Software.


Broadly, the main angles are:

Money (Chris & his students have made millions with free traffic);

Affiliate Marketing (one of the best businesses on the planet);

Value (wow! all TEN software tools for this price!?).




If you get this Package thru my link you will also receive this bonus package:




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